The Foulmouthed Vagabond

Hi! I’m Jo, a Portuguese travel addict based out of the US, and a fatass at heart.

My goal is to entertain you with my travel musings, not the search engines with strategically curated keywords.

I like to pepper my posts with a sprinkle of information and tips, but you won’t find many comprehensive guides here. Instead, I’m offering you a front-row seat to my travel fuck-ups, my occasional victories while on the road, and my love life as a gay expat and globetrotter.

So leave your shoes at the door, right next to my decorum, and sit back. Enjoy what – I hope – will become your virtual travel fix!


Sunny alleyway in Chiang Mai with colorful dresses drying on a rope and a lady with a pink umbrella
The Worst Massage Ever in Chiang Mai

‘Hello! Massage?’ the lady offers with a warm smile. Something about her makes Aurora and me promptly agree to it. Perhaps it’s her positive demeanor that rings honest and natural and the…

Frida Kahlo and Andy Warhol mural Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Walls Is a Street Art Paradise – Pt. 1

I absolutely love street art. Its typically vibrant colors, its originality, and yes, its accessibility when it comes to interpreting what I’m looking at. My apologies to conceptual art enthusiasts—I can’t look…

Sea view from Jiufen
A Workout From Hell in Jiufen

Leaving Taipei after four days immersed in its bustling streets and the best night markets I’ve ever seen was no easy feat, even knowing I’ll be back for the last stretch of…

Inflatable Halloween pumpkins lit up at night
A Cursed Atlanta Halloween

I glance out the storm door at the thick layer of red and golden leaves on the grass, interwoven together like a dewy quilt that heralds the upcoming Samhain. In the fading…


Rescued baby squirrel swaddled in towel
Rescuing a Baby Squirrel Nearly Drove Me Nuts

Don’t you hate when you force yourself to do something–ignoring that blaring alarm your instinct activated to protect you–and it lands you right on a big predicament you now can’t dodge? That’s…